Going for everything

Vaca Frita - $18.95

Grilled shrededed beef with onions, peppers in Cuban mojo, served with white rice and black beans

Picadillo a la Habanera - $16.50

Ground beef stew in our unique criolla sauce, onion, peppers and olive. Served with rice and black beans.

Masa de Puerco Fritas - $18.50

Fried cubed pork with grilled onions. Served with moro rice and boiled yuca with Cuban mojo.

Lechon Asado - $22.00

Slow oven roasted pork leg with Cuban mojo. Served with moro rice, boiled yuca with Cuban mojo and side of salad.

Bisted de Cerdo Encebollado - $17.95

Pork steak previously marinated in homemade adobo cooked to perfection with Spanish onion. Served with moro rice and tostones.

Ropa Vieja - $18.50

Shredded beef in a delicious onions peppers and criolla sauce.Served with white rice and fried sweet plantain.


  • Frijores negro ( Cup of black beans ) - $3.50
  • Arroz Blanco ( White Rice) - $2.50
  • Moros ( Rice and black beans cooked together )- $3.95
  • Maduros ( Fried sweet palntain ) - $3.50
  • Tostones ( Fried green plantains ) - $3.75
  • Yuca con mojo ( Boiled yuca with cuban mojo ) - $4.95