To raise up the nigth

Tropical Shakes - $6.25

Mango, mamey and guayaba

Juices - $3.75

Mango, orange, apple, pineapple, guava.

Jarritos - $3.75

Mango, mandarin, pineapple, guava, tamarind.

Soft Drinks - $2.75

Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Ice Tea, Ginger Ale.

Cocktails - $6.50


Cuban Mojito - Cuban cocktail made with mint, lime juice and Cuban rum.


Piña Colada - Cocktail made with coconut, pineapple juice and Cuban rum.


Cuba Libre - Cuban highball cocktail made with Coke, lime juice and Cuban rum.


Daiquiri - Cuban classic cocktail made with sugar, lime juice and Cuban rum.


Margarita - Cocktail made with Tequila triple sec and lime juice.



Domestic Beer - $5.25


Canadian, Kokanee, Budlight, Budweiser, Coorslight .


Imported Beer - $6.75


Corona, Heineken, Stella, Guiness, Negro Modelo, Modelo Especial.


Wine - $5.25 (5 oz)

House Wine




Gato Negro


Red Wine


White Wine


Cuban Cafe - $3.50

Té - $2.50